Debug : diag K1000 depuis la console

se connecter avec le compte netdiag/netdiag ou lieu de konfig/konfig sur la console KACE

  • ifconfig configuration of the NIC(s)
  • arp shows and manipulates the ARP cache
  • dig DNS query tool
  • nsloockup DNS query tool (succeeded by dig!)
  • netstat shows network statistics
  • ping sends ICMP packets to host, connection test
  • route checks and manipulates routing information
  • purgepatches purges all downloaded patches
  • krestore backup/restore functionality
  • klogin_reset reset admin-password
  • iostat shows statistics over I/O (performance)
  • top table of processes, shows all running processes
  • httpd80 starts the apache on port80 (no SSL!)
  • startftpd starts the ftp daemon w/o reboot
  • startsshd starts the ssh daemon w/o reboot
  • systeminfo shows informations about the system
  • reboot reboots the appliance
  • help shows all avaiable commands
  • krestore factory – sets the KBOX to factory defaults
  • krestore network – tries to update the network settings from the DB
  • krestore backup – restores from current backup
  • krestore createbackup – runs the backup script
  • klogin_resetreset admin password



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