Inventaire : Garantie HP

La procédure est assez simple

  1. Login to Create an account if you do not already have one.
  1. Go to and fill out the form. Once submitted, you must wait for HP to respond stating the API has been enabled on your account.
  1. Once the email response from HP is received acknowledging approval of the CSS API, go back to
  2. Click the profile name (typically email address) drop-down and choose My Apps.
  1. Click Add a new App.
  2. Choose HP Product Warranty as the Product.
  3. Check the box that appears for warranty under Select Product Scopes.
  4. Fill in an App Name (does not matter for the KACE SMA; this is for tracking purposes). Developer Redirect URL is not required.
  5. Click Create App.
  6. Click on the newly created app on the HP Developers site. 
  7. Go back to the SMA Admin interface and browse to Settings: General Settings (within the ORG on multi-ORG licenses).
  1. Copy and paste the API Key and API Secret from the HP Developers site to the appropriate fields on the General Settings page. Save.


Ce que ne dis pas ce KB est qu’il faut attendre 24h pour que la requête soit validée par HP et donc pouvoir l’utiliser. vous devez avoir les applications suivantes dans l’interface HP


il suffit alors de reporté les clés dans l’interface SMA




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