Silent install : VMware Workstation

Aide pour les arguments du setup.exe : Documentation

Lancer le setup de VMware et lors de l’affichage des options d’installations, récupérer les sources MSI  sous : C:\Users\%uername%\AppData\Local\Temp\vmware_xxxxxxxxx Vous pouvez ensuite lancer l’installation avec le MSI

Voici les property disponibles

AUTOSOFTWAREUPDATE Enables automatic upgrades for VMware Workstation or VMware Player when a new build becomes available. 1
DATACOLLECTION Sends user experience information to VMware. 1
DESKTOP_SHORTCUT Adds a shortcut on the desktop when Workstation is installed. 1
EULAS_AGREED Allows you to silently accept the product EULAs. Set to 1 to complete the installation or upgrade. 0
HOSTD_HTTPS_PORT Specifies the HTTPS port for VMware Workstation Server. 443
INSTALLDIR Install Workstation in directory that is different from the default Workstation location. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation
QUICKLAUNCH_SHORTCUT Adds a quick launch shortcut when Workstation is installed. 1
REMOVE_ACCOUNT_INFO Removes account information when Workstation is uninstalled. 1
REMOVE_LICENSE Removes all stored licenses when Workstation is uninstalled. 0
REMOVE_SETTINGFILES Removes settings files when Workstation is uninstalled. 1
SERIALNUMBER Lets you enter the license key when Workstation is installed. Enter the license key with hyphens, for example, xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.  
SIMPLIFIEDUI Turn on or off certain UI features of VMware Player. 0
SOFTWAREUPDATEURL Specifies a custom URL for managing software updates (separate from
STARTMENU_SHORTCUT Adds a Start menu item when Workstation is installed. 1
SUPPORTURL Set a support URL or email alias specifically for your users to contact with product issues through the Workstation or Player Help menu.


Des exemples de packages sont disponibles sur la page : Packages


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